Change Tracking – Log Viewer Tips

The Change Tracking log viewer is quite rudimentary - you can view, expand/collapse details of entries, and filter according to user and/or content. But, since it's an HTML log, there are other shortcuts you can use:

Ctrl-F - Brings up the Find dialog you already know from Internet Explorer. With it, you can search for text, just like you would on a regular web page.

Ctrl-P - Print (just the visible page though)

Ctrl-A - Selects all text, and then…

Ctrl-C - Copy selected text to clipboard. You can then paste into WordPad, Word or Excel (useful if you connect via Remote Desktop, and have a shared clipboard). You can use it as a poor man's export, though the formatting leaves some to be desired. Next time, we'll see a programmatic way to export the log.


-Jonathan Barner, ISA Sustained Engineering Team

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