ISA Server 2006 Service Pack 1 Released!

We are thrilled to announce that yesterday, 7/2/2008, the ISA Server Sustained Engineering team released the final version of ISA Server 2006 Service Pack 1 (Standard & Enterprise editions) to the Microsoft Download Center.

You can find the ISA 2006 SP1 bits here. This release will also be uploaded to Microsoft Update on 7/22/2008.


What’s new in ISA Server 2006 SP1:

ISA Server 2006 SP1 provides important fixes and integrates all the Hotfixes since the last public release.

In addition, it offers new features and improved functionality:

1.    Configuration Change Tracking—Registers all configuration changes applied to ISA Server configuration to help you assess issues that may occur as a result of these changes.

2.    Test Button—Tests the compatibility between an ISA Server Web publishing rule and the published Web server.

3.    Traffic Simulator—Simulates network traffic in accordance with specified request parameters, such as an internal user and the Web server, providing information about firewall policy rules evaluated for the request.

4.    Integrated Diagnostic Log Viewer—Displays detailed events about the status of the ISA Server computer, as well as configuration and policy issues.


There are also improvements which are of great value in specific deployment scenarios, including:

·        Support for NLB multicast operations

·        Support for certificate with multiple SAN entries

·        KCD for cross-domain users

·        And more…


Neta Amit

Senior Program Manager, ISA Server Sustained Engineering


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Flash Microsoft Security News : ISA Server 2006 Service Pack 1 Released! Ora scaricabile qui dal Microsoft

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006 Service Pack 1 was finally released

  3. DPM 2012 - Cannot Install x64 agent on a windows says:

    Is MS still supporting ISA Server 2006?

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