Using BPA2Visio

In previous post we wrote, that the IsaBPAv5 comes with a tool named BPA2Visio. In this post, I will try to elaborate on what BPA2Visio is and how to use it.


The BPA2Visio is a tool that accepts the IsaBPA report and generates a Visio network diagram.

This network diagram simulates how the network is seen from the ISA Server computer itself. The diagram displays the following entities:

1. ISA Server.

2. Network interfaces.

3. Configuration Storage Server (CSS) (Enterprise Edition only)

4. VPN clients and Sites.

5. Published Web Servers and Non-Web Servers.

 The network diagram also connects between the entities.


The most common way of using the BPA2Visio is to export the IsaBPA report from the ISA computer and import it to another computer with Visio Professional 2003 or Visio Professional 2007 (referred to as the Visio computer).

Here’s how to use it:

1. Install IsaBPAv5 on both the ISA Server computer and the Visio computer.

2. On the ISA Server computer:

a.      Run the ISA Server Best Practices Analyzer from the Programs menu.

b.      Create a new scan ('Select options for a new scan'->Verify Scan type='Health Check'->'Start scanning').

c.       Go to %userprofile%\Application Data\Microsoft\IsaBPA, and copy the xml report to your Visio computer.

3. On the Visio computer:

a. Run BPA2Visio from the Programs menu.

b. Browse to the local copy of your IsaBPA report.

c. Click on ‘Generate Diagram’ and watch the magic 🙂

Below is a screenshot of the BPA2Visio output:


BPA2Visio screenshot


Enjoy it!

Idan Plonsky

ISA Server Team



Comments (10)

  1. Anonymous says:

    we don’t care if all other MS products rely upon it". Thank’s a lot.

  2. Anonymous says:

    With the release of ISABPAV5 comes a new and neat tool (in my opinion) called BPA2VISIO. It's goal

  3. A typical Visio installation should be sufficient for using BPA2Visio

  4. If you encounter an issue when using BPA2Visio, please verify the following:


    1. You have Visio Professional Edition (as opposed to Standard). The BPA2Visio requires components
    that are installed on the Professional Edition only. These components are not included if you do a minimal installation as well.


    You may be missing the Visio primary assemblies interop (PIA). Normally a regular installation should include these interops, but sometimes it doesn’t (for instance if you install .NET framework after
    you install Visio).

    You can look under your %systemroot%assemblyGAC… folder for the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Visio.dll file and if it’s not there, you can download it from the Microsoft Download
    center. Office 2003 PIA can be found
    and Office 2007 PIA can be found


    For any other issue found, please mail us at with the BPA2Visio log and the IsaBPA report. 

  5. A regular, health check scan (the default) is enough.

  6. Stive says:

    What for components from Visio must by installed?

  7. Mnash says:

    What type of scan should i perform ??

    Health , Info ??

  8. Chris says:

    When I try to run the BPA2 Visio I get an error.

    8/1/2007 7:55:27 AM [BPA2Visio::Program] ERROR: StartProcessingUI encounter an exception while calling StartProcessing

    8/1/2007 7:55:27 AM [BPA2Visio::Program] ERROR: Specified cast is not valid.

      at Microsoft.ISA.BPA.BPA2Visio.CISAArray.IsDuplicateServer(String name, ArrayList srvObjectList)

      at Microsoft.ISA.BPA.BPA2Visio.CISAArray.AddPublishedWebFarm(String farmName)

      at Microsoft.ISA.BPA.BPA2Visio.XmlReaderFromBPAReport.XmlWebPublishedServerRead(XmlNodeList WebPublishedServers, CISAArray& curArray)

      at Microsoft.ISA.BPA.BPA2Visio.XmlReaderFromBPAReport.XmlMainRead(String XmlFilePath, DataProc& MainDataProc, CGlobalNetworks& MainGlobalNetworks)

      at Microsoft.ISA.BPA.BPA2Visio.Program.StartProcessing()

      at Microsoft.ISA.BPA.BPA2Visio.Program.StartProcessingUI()

    8/1/2007 7:55:27 AM [BPA2Visio::Program] Info: Exit StartProcessingUI()

    I hope somebody can help.

  9. Eran Levi says:

    nice tool Idan, thanks

    is there any way to export only the FW Policy access rules into a text file.

    (not for Import export purpose just for review purpose)

  10. Eran Levi says:

    nice tool Idan, thanks

    is there any way to export only the FW Policy access rules into a text file.

    (not for Import export purpose just for review purpose)

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