ISABPA V5 has been released

The ISA Server Team is excited to announce the version 5.0 release of the Microsoft© ISA Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool (IsaBPA V5).


New in Version 5 of IsaBPA:


ü  ISA Data Packager (IDP) GUI – The IDP collects all information needed for troubleshooting with a single click. For this version, we added a GUI for our data collection tool. This GUI will allow easier configuration and better use of the IDP.

ü  BPA2Visio – we added a super cool application that takes the IsaBPA report and converts this report into a Visio network diagram, so that the ISA administrator or the support engineer can see how the ISA Server views its environment (networks, published web/non-web servers/server farms, CSS, VPN sites and clients). You need to have Visio 2003 or Visio 2007 installed on one of your machines (not necessary the ISA Server machine). Check out this screenshot

ü  We added new checks to Version 5. There are now 218 rules, and more than 900 settings are displayed. The focus of this release was to target Windows Server SP2 issues. This new suite joins the Hardware, Authentication, OWA, SSL Certificates, Site-to-site VPN with IPsec, WPLB, Branch Office, and logging suites that were introduced in previous IsaBPA versions.

ü  More documentation. The documentation (UE) team enhanced the Help file. It now contains more than 100 pages. You can now find which checks are being performed, how to operate the IsaBPA, and of course how to fix the found issues.

ü  Bug fixes. We fixed a few bugs that were discovered in the previous version.


You can get the IsaBPAv5 using the integrated live update mechanism or by simply going to and downloading the new version. The tool requires .NET 1.1 framework and above.



Idan Plonsky

ISA Server team



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