Stop Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) agent before installing ISA Server hotfixes or service packs

With the recent release of ISA Server 2004 SP2 and ISA Server 2006 Beta, I thought it would be good time to reiterate the following.


Monitoring applications, such as MOM agent, use the ISA Server files and may interfere with the ISA Server setup and removal procedures. To avoid issues, stop the MOM agent before performing any of the following actions.


  1. Install ISA Server hotfix

  2. Install ISA Server service pack

  3. Repair or modify the ISA Server installation

  4. Uninstall ISA Server

  5. Upgrade ISA Server

Hope this helps


Gershon Levitz, ISA Team


Learn more at the ISA Server Guidance Center

Download the new ISA Server Best Practices Analyzer (BPA) Tool, at the Microsoft Download Center web site.



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    with the ISA Server setup and removal procedures.

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