Getting Content About Content

Finding a solution to an ISA Server problem isn't always easy:( .There's plenty of ISA Server content and info out there that may help, but navigating through it is a challenge.  Here's a few tips that may help along the way:


Need to get installation or upgrade information?


Need to know more about a standard feature or piece of functionality?

  • Use the online help! It provides conceptual overview of all features, and contains procedures for all of the UI.
  • Once you're in the UI, find information for each dialog page by clicking the ? in the corner of the page. The information won't be in-depth, but might be a useful reminder. There are also help links in trickier parts of the UI, pointing you to more information.
  • For tips and hints on configuring features, recommended settings, gotchas etc - try the Best Practice documentation series. These docs aim to highlight configuration pitfalls. There are a number available on subjects such as networks and routing, access rules, NLB etc. Flick through the Guidance Center sections ( to find these.
  • Search through Tom's doc library at

Configuring a specific scenario?

Troubleshooting a specific issue?

Not Content?

If you couldn't find content to answer your question, say so! There are feedback links straight to the ISA Server Team in the online help and in most ISA Server docs posted on the Web.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    : Application Signatures for HTTP Filtering

  2. Anonymous says:

    I need someones help. I’ve been working on a system that has Windows Media Center on it. Some how the client managed to have corruption Ci index. I have disabled the indexing service which has stopped the indexing, however there are still files stored under the System Volume under catalog.wci. I have not found a way to remove these files.  Can you help? I have written many blogs and help desks, with no answers. I would sincerely appreciate your suggestions.  Thank  you

  3. Tom Shinder says:

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for mentioning! It’s a very nice compliment 🙂


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