Welcome to the ISA Server Product Team Blog

We’re pleased to announce the creation of the ISA Server product team blog. Although this blog will focus on technical articles and discussions regarding ISA Server topics, we’re interested in discussing just about anything related to ISA Server in the blog. 


Product team members (developers, testers, writers, and program managers) will post tips and hints, tricks that we learn as we develop, test, use, and maintain the product. Our goal is to post periodically on topics dealing with areas of ISA Server that may not be covered in other areas (too small a niche for a book or white paper, too much information for a Knowledge Base article).


We encourage you to post comments. Tell us about what issues would you like to see covered?  Which features of ISA Server would be most helpful to have more information on?  What kind of information would make you better able to support or sell ISA Server?


We’re looking forward to this dialogue with you! We hope to learn how to shape the future of our products to better suit your needs. We will also be better equipped to focus our supportability efforts to react to your current issues.

Comments (7)

  1. AdolfoG says:


    This one is a very good news


    Adolfo Guzman

  2. Welcome aboard. Looking forward to reading yoru blog, esp with current enterprise IT interest in content filtering.

  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence! We sure do hope that you find this useful–and do let us know when you want us to focus on a specific topic.

  4. Hi All

    As you encourage us to post comments and tell you about what issues would we like to see covered I have one question abort ISA Server functionality.

    Are you planning to implement extended bandwidth control in ISA Server?

    I am among of many ISA Server 2000 that expected this functionality to be extended and improved but it was canceled. I am using multiple ISA servers as VPN gateways for client and site-to-site connections. Currently there is no way to perform any bandwidth optimization without external software. Even in my not so big infrastructure with 8 site-to-site VPN connection (5 to external companied and 3 to branch offices) and 1 client VPN gateway I must to perform bandwidth management. For me it is unacceptable to consume all available bandwidth by “dummy” user who sends large files from branch office to central site and blocks in that way effective communication with external companies. Additionally it would be very useful to be able to set bandwidth limitations for users, protocols etc.



  5. Amy says:

    Glad to see the blog. My reading list is getting really long these days.

    Please don’t forget about SBS implimentations of ISA in your blog posts.

  6. clintd says:

    What is the status of the Branch Office Updates?

    Branch Office Updates for ISA Server 2004 Planned by End of 2005


  7. isajade says:

    is it recommend only use ISA2006 as firewall? or prefer have other firewall (like cisco PIX/ASA).

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