Windows Server 2008 Earns IPv6 Ready Logo Phase 2

We recently announced that Windows Vista received its IPv6 Ready logo from the IPv6 Consortium and University of New Hampshire – InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL). Today we are proud to announce that Windows Server 2008 has received its Phase 2 logo on Jan 18, 2008.  The Phase 2 logo is based on a rigorous examination which is focused on daily professional use of…


Understanding IPv6, Second Edition

Joe Davies, a.k.a. “The Cable Guy”, has completed the update to his excellent “Understanding IPv6” book!  I highly recommend this book – it will help you understand IPv6 in general as well as some Microsoft-specific information.  Good stuff!   Understanding IPv6, Second Edition By Joseph Davies Understanding IPv6, Version 2 is an update of the existing…


Teredo in Windows Vista: Designed with security in mind

I am pleased to present Christian Huitema as a "guest blogger" today. Thanks for contributing, Christian! -Sean   Hi, I am Christian Huitema, Distinguished Engineer in Windows, and the author of the Teredo protocol specification RFC 4380. For those who don’t know what Teredo is, Teredo provides IPv6 access in environments otherwise limited to IPv4…


Windows Vista Earns IPv6 Ready Logo Phase 2

On October 25, 2007, Windows Vista earned the IPv6 Forum’s IPv6 Ready Phase 2 Logo from the IPv6 Consortium and University of New Hampshire – InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL).  Vista earned its Phase 1 Logo, which focuses on interoperability of core protocols, and compliance to MUST statements in core RFCs back in March of 2007.  Phase…


Disabling IPv6 Doesn’t Help

Hola. Bonjour. Speaking a second language can be very helpful – it allows you to communicate in situations where you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Some skilled linguists are fluent in six or seven languages, really maximizing their communication possibilities. Do you think that people who speak multiple languages start up each and every conversation…


Exchange Server 2007 and IPv6

Exchange 2007 and IPv6 compliance; this is a topic that comes up quite often.  People want to know what they need to install to make this work. In order to get IPv6 running on Exchange Server 2007, you will need to meet a few requirements.  First of all, you need Service Pack 1 for Exchange….


Vista and IPv6 = Problems?

I have been asked a lot recently if Vista works okay with IPv6. Apparently some people are hearing that Vista doesn’t implement IPv6 correctly and it breaks your network, or something to that effect. The short answer is: YES! Everything in Vista works great with IPv6! We run thousands of tests per week during development…


Mythbusters #2: Stanford has more IP addresses than China

Let’s tackle our second myth.  There is a factoid on the Internet that some American universities (normally listed as either Stanford or MIT) have more IP addresses than the entire country of China.  This has been repeated in the mainstream press so often (To the edge of cyberspace, United Nations ponders Net’s future, etc), it has to…


I can do that in IPv4!

One of the comments that I hear a lot (and I am sure to receive on this site) is “But I don’t need IPv6 for that! I can do that in IPv4!” It is true that a lot of what we can do in v6 we can do in v4 as well.  That’s because v6 is…


Mobile IPv6 and Vista

As a host moves around, it may be assigned different IP addresses based on its location. When this happens, the host acquires a new IP address and continues to operate, but the previous TCP connections are invalid and torn down. Normally this process takes just a second or two, and presents no problem to most applications…