Core Infrastructure Optimization at Microsoft Management Summit

Core Infrastructure Optimization will be covered at the upcoming Microsoft Management Summit (MMS), March 26-30 in San Diego, CA.  MMS is the premier technical event of the year for IT professionals, covering the latest management products from Partners and Microsoft including the System Center family of management products.

SM01 Implementing Core Infrastructure Optimization: the Implementer Resource Guides

Wednesday, March 28 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM

Speaker(s): Jeremy Chapman, Eduardo Kassner Shvadsky

Infrastructure Optimization is more than applying technology in a logical sequence, it is about making technology decisions and designing processes correctly in order to maximize the value of IT infrastructure. Many products and tools are available to help automate manual processes, but an end-to-end service requires detailed consideration for planning and design as well as best practice process implementation. To that end, Microsoft is aligning its assets from Windows Server System Reference Architecture (WSSRA), Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF), product guidance and Solution Accelerators to deliver concise, best practice guidance for resolving each IO question-level capability in the Core IO model and link to depth content to support delivering achievable optimization projects. This session will introduce you to the best practice implementation concepts supporting IO to help you move up the scale. We will discuss how to implement best practice IT Service Design and Management concepts with a focus on the Core IO capabilities and the underlying process and technology requirements.


SM20 Steps to Provide Managed Services

Wednesday, March 28 2:15 PM - 3:30 PM

Speaker(s): Infrastructure Optimization at Microsoft Mexico. Working now on IT Pro Evangelism, helping other to get the most of their infrastructure through System and Monitoring Tools and sharing Process and Operations best practices.">Miguel Angel Borja, Eduardo Kassner Shvadsky

In this session we will show by using the Infrastructure Optimization Model (IO Model) and product demonstrations, the process to go from an unmanaged and not monitored infrastructure, to a service monitored IT service offering infrastructure. We will use the IO model to show the people, process and technology steps to proceed from one stage to the next, and demonstrate this with demos at each IO stage. We will also discuss and evaluate the operational, reporting and monitoring capabilities that the IT organization will be able to deliver on each stage.

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