Virtualization Web Seminars

This came across my desk recently…


Virtualization Web Seminars will help you sharpen your skills, build your business, and increase your profitability.

Attend the up-to-date Virtualization Web Seminars where our Microsoft experts will inform you with the latest insights on virtualization technology, value, and licensing. February 1 to March 19 2007. 


What does Virtualization have to do with Core Infrastructure Optimization? Virtual Server is one of a number of Microsoft products that work together to help deliver integrated infrastructure solutions to enterprise and midsize organizations. Once these solutions are in place, IT can improve its ability to be more agile, manage complexity, and provide more secure, controlled access to information resources. Consequently, you can then focus on strategic initiatives to help maximize future opportunities for your business.


I hear so often from customers where can I learn about Virtualization…?  Don’t miss it.  This is it.




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