Core IO at IT Forum 2006

Next week Core Infrastructure Optimization (Core IO) will be showcased at IT Forum in Barcelona, Spain, November 14-17, 2006.  IT Forum is Microsoft’s premier EMEA conference designed to provide IT professionals with technical training, information and community resources to build, plan, deploy and manage the secure connected enterprise.  If you are attending the event, please sign up for one the sessions below, or stop by the Core IO Ask the Experts Booth #24 to receive a free Core IO TCO report that identifies best practices and cost savings of becoming more secure and well-managed.


ARC204 Infrastructure Optimization Maturity (IOM) Model

Eduardo Kassner Shvadsky, Daniel van Soest, Demorie Crowe

Thu Nov 16 17:30 - 18:45

Based on market best practices and models, Microsoft developed the Infrastructure Optimization Models. This Model provides a way to measure the maturity of your current infrastructure, identify the investments needed to achieve increased maturity, and critically, predict the potential return on investments (ROI). The resulting roadmap helps identify and priorities infrastructure projects. Increasing the maturity of your infrastructure reduces risk and cost, improves SLA's and security and helps to align the infrastructure with business priorities. This session will introduce the different levels of maturity, show you how to categories your infrastructure's maturity, identify what projects, products and technologies will increase the maturity and what return you're likely to see from these investments.



PRE005-3 Session 3: Optimizing Your IT Infrastructure, Why it Matters and How to achieve it

Tim Sinclair

Mon Nov 13 16:00 - 17:15

Some companies spend too much on IT, some companies don’t. Why the difference what’s the benefit? In this session Tim Sinclair will present desktop manageability best practice results gleamed from engaging with over 150 companies. This research is the basis for the Core Infrastructure Optimization initiative. He will focus on the IT processes and the associated technologies that have been accelerants in helping companies save costs and achieving increased service levels. He will also discuss the key technology levers that have the greatest impact in the companies, and this talk will be a good overview session to enable the IT Manager to focus on the specific technologies that have the most value in optimizing companies IT environments.



Microsoft Ask the Experts

Optimize and Secure your Core Infrastructure (Core IO)


Is your infrastructure hard to control? Fighting fires everyday? Not certain what technologies are right to deploy? The Core Infrastructure Optimization Model was developed using industry best practices and Microsoft's customer experiences. Increasing the maturity of your infrastructure reduces risk and cost, improves SLA's, operational agility, and security and helps to align with business priorities. Stop by for a free printed self-assessment to understand how your infrastructure can become a strategic asset for the business.



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