Support Tip: Device Configuration Setting Temporary Modified for Intune for Education

Updated 11/5/2018: This blog article has been moved to the new blogging platform: Please continue the conversation over there.


We have temporarily removed a single device configuration setting in the Intune for Education (EDU) UI. You'll see a pop-up in the UI if you go to configure this setting. What we disabled controls whether an admin allows an end user to save a file locally on a shared device. We’ll be re-enabling the setting shortly − currently planning on returning the setting on November 9 − and will keep this post updated when we do so.

The setting is most commonly configured through the Set up School PC’s provisioning. By default, access to local storage is blocked by Set up School PC’s, unless the user enabled it via the UI of the app. The other way the setting could be configured is through the Intune for EDU UI directly. The setting can be found in Groups > Settings > Shared device settings > Block access to local storage. The setting can block end users on shared devices from being able to save a file on a local drive, such as the C:\\ drive or the user’s local profile.

For those customers who already have this setting configured in your environment, we’ve posted a direct message center post (MC152397) with more information - head to and login with your admin credentials. If you’ve got any questions on the behavior or on the fix timeline, just let us know by commenting on this post or if you’ve got a case open, feel free to connect with your support engineer.


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