Microsoft Graph APIs are generally available for Intune

By Dave Randall | Sr. PM

We’re excited to announce the General Availability (GA) of our Microsoft Graph APIs for Intune. I’d like to thank all of you who have provided feedback on the API’s and the API documentation. Our Microsoft Graph API’s for Intune have undergone changes as a result of your feedback, and we’re now finalized with those changes, and ready to move them to GA. You can read more about our announcement in the EMS blog. 

What’s Changing

The major change that you’ll see with our GA of the Microsoft Graph API’s for Intune is that we will now make API’s available under the v1.0 version. To date, all the Microsoft Graph API’s for Intune have been in preview, and under the beta version. With GA, we will update all the Microsoft Graph API’s for Intune that are ready for GA with the v1.0 version. In your apps and scripts, you’ll need to now reference the new v1.0 version in your REST calls to the Microsoft Graph API’s for Intune. For example, if you previously referenced the following:

you’ll now use

Ideally your code has a version variable used for each API that’s in beta or v1.0. That’ll make it easiest to maintain over time.

IMPORTANT: Using an API with the beta version will continue to work, even if a new v1.0 version has been published. Please test the v1.0 version with your code and move to that version once verified.

What Remains the Same

The majority of our Microsoft Graph API’s for Intune are being made available under the v1.0 (GA) version. However, there are some which are not. Some Microsoft Graph API’s for Intune remain in preview because they are for newly developed features, and we’re still finalizing the APIs and getting feedback; they’re not quite ready for GA. There’s also a group of APIs which are undergoing changes due to external dependencies. For example, Google’s “Android for Work” term has recently changed to “Android Enterprise” – and we’re making changes to the APIs to reflect that and need to get our testing and validation finalized before they are ready for GA. Lastly, there are a group of APIs which will never make it out of Beta. This group of APIs have been superseded by newer API’s. We’ll eventually sunset the API and then fully remove the API from Intune. We’ll document these removals in the monthly changelog.

Our Steady State

With the GA of many Microsoft Graph API’s for Intune, we now transition into a model that we’ll sustain for the long term.  We’ll continue to identify monthly changes in the Graph changelog.  Specifically:

  1. New Microsoft Graph API’s for Intune will be introduced in Preview with the beta version in the API URL.
  2. Once testing and feedback are complete, and the Microsoft Graph API for Intune is ready for GA, a monthly update to the service will make the Microsoft Graph API for Intune part of the v1.0 version, and we’ll declare the API as GA.
  3. If we determine that the API will never GA, it will remain in the beta version, be sunsetted and eventually removed.

Thanks again for all your support and feedback in using the Microsoft Graph API’s for Intune.

Microsoft Graph APIs for Intune have been updated today to their GA version. We expect the beta APIs to be completely deployed shortly but note, it may take up to 24 hours to complete worldwide rollout in production.

Please note: Use of a Microsoft online service requires a valid license. Therefore, accessing EMS, Microsoft Intune, or Azure Active Directory features via Microsoft Graph API requires paid licenses of the applicable service and compliance with Microsoft Graph API Terms of Use.

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