Managing Android for Work devices independently in the Intune console

Updated 12/15 to include new estimate for rollout of changes.

We’ve heard your feedback and accordingly, Intune now supports managing enrollment of Android for Work (AFW) devices independently from the Android platform, with no change in the end user experience. In this blog post, we’ll show you what will change in the enrollment flow, after your enrollment settings are migrated to the new AFW management experience. We’ll also share documentation links that will be updated as the change rolls out.

Here’s how the Platform and Platform configuration blades will look after the update, showing AFW as a new platform.





Android for work settings that were previously managed under Device Enrollment > Android for Work Enrollment > Android for Work Enrollment Settings will now be managed from Device Enrollment > Enrollment restrictions> Device Type Restrictions. Here’s a screenshot of what the AFW Enrollment blade will look like.



Clicking on ‘Enrollment Restrictions’ in the AFW Enrollment blade will take you to the new Enrollment Restrictions blade, shown below.


By default, your Android for Work devices settings will be the same as your settings for your Android devices. However, after you change your Android for Work settings that will no longer be the case. If you block personal Android for Work enrollment, only corporate Android devices can enroll as Android for Work.

If you have never previously enrolled Android for Work devices

The new Android for Work platform is blocked in the default Device Type Restrictions. After the feature update, you can allow devices to enroll with Android for Work. To do so, change the default or create a new Device Type Restriction to supercede the default Device Type Restriction.

If you have enrolled Android for Work devices

In this case, your situation depends on the setting you have chosen.

In all cases, your intended regulation is preserved. No action is required on your part to maintain the global or per-group allowance of Android for Work in your environment.

Update 12/15/17: These changes will begin rolling out shortly but could take up to the February service update to be effective for your account. These changes will begin rolling out with the November update to the Intune service, but may take time to execute on your account. You will receive a confirmation notification in the Office 365 Message Center portal when these changes are effective for your account.

Helpful links

We’ll add more information about the new AFW enrollment flow, at the links listed here.

Check back soon to see what updates we’ve made to our documentation!

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  1. Cool. Implementing this as transparent to the end user seems like the right way to go.

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