Support Tip: Setting up communication between MAM-managed and MDM-managed apps

We hear occasionally from customers that they want apps managed by App Protection – better known as Mobile Application Management (MAM) – to allow communication with apps managed by Mobile Device Management (MDM) on iOS devices.

Let's say you configure MAM app protection policies for Outlook, and you also deploy a third-party PDF viewer using Intune MDM. This viewer app does not have the Intune Software Development Kit (SDK), so you can't assign MAM policies. If users try to open Outlook attachments in the viewer, they will get an error. If you want to allow data transfer between the MAM app and MDM-deployed app, see for how to set up this scenario.

If you have already set this up today in Intune, after the backend migration occurs with MAM and MDM to merge the two channels, you'll want to set it up again. More information and timing on the backend migration will be coming shortly through our targeted communication channel in the Office Message Center.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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  1. Xperteks says:

    Good comparative explanation between MAM-managed and MDM-managed apps gives a good start. It moves towards a more secure data protected future. Will keep an eye for more updates about the same from you.

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