Known Issue: Device OS Counts in the Intune on Azure Console

By Murali Krishna Hosabettu Kamalesha | Sr. PM

We’ve heard a few questions regarding the Enrollment versus Device OS Distribution. First off – it’s not you. Today, these graphics are displaying information that’s inconstant with each other. We’ve got a bug we’re resolving in the “Devices OS Distribution” chart that is found under the Overview section of the Devices node in the Microsoft Intune on Azure console which causes the data displayed in the chart to be inaccurate. We are working on fixing these issues as quickly as we can and expect to be done in the next few weeks. In the interim, please use the “Enrollment OS Distribution” chart. We’ll add an update to this post when the bug fixes are tested and in production.  

Please note that this bug doesn’t affect any other part of the Devices list. The “All Devices” list in the Devices node is the single source of truth about devices, and you can use this list to get an accurate list of all devices in your Intune environment. 

If you need to view the distribution of OS among Intune MDM enrolled devices, please use the OS Distribution chart found under the “Device enrollment” node in lieu of the chart found in the Devices node. You can get to this chart by going to the Overview section of the Device Enrollment Node in your Intune administration console. This chart shows you the total number of MDM enrolled devices in your environment categorized by their OS information.



Moving forward, based on your request, we’re also incorporating the EAS device counts by platform into the Device OS distribution chart. Keep the feedback coming! Use User Voice for any feature requests that you’d like to see prioritized.


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