Upgrade your Exchange Connector for Intune: Fix Your Intune Migration Configuration Issues

By Matt Shadbolt | Senior Service Engineer | https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/ConfigMgrDogs/

In December 2016, a new Exchange connector for Intune was released. This Exchange connector connects to your on-premises Exchange server to pull in mobile devices and enable Conditional Access for on-premises mailboxes.

You should have been notified via the Outlook Message Center of the availability of the new connector months ago. If you’ve still not updated your Exchanged connector, you will need to perform the following to unblock your migration.

1. Login to https://manage.microsoft.com with your Admin credentials.

2. Browse to Admin > Microsoft Exchange.


3. You’ll find here an informational message reporting a new Exchange Connector version is available. Click Download the latest version to start the download.


4. You’ll now be prompted to download the Exchange_Connector_Setup.zip. Download the zip file and transfer the file to a location accessible on the Exchange Connector Server.


5. Most organizations will host the Exchange connector for Intune on a dedicated server. To find the server you need to run the new installer on, it should be displayed in the same section you found the download link.


6. Extract the files and run Exchange_Connector_Setup.exe.





7. Now go back to the Intune console, and the version of the Exchange Connector should be all clear.


Your migration should now be unblocked for this issue. For more information about configurations that can block your Intune migration, see http://aka.ms/intunemigrationblockers.

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