Enable Self-Service Group Management: Fix Your Intune Migration Configuration Issues

By Matt Shadbolt | Senior Service Engineer | https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/ConfigMgrDogs/

Intune uses the ‘Self-services group management’ feature of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to migrate your Intune groups into Azure AD. If you’ve disabled self-service group management, you will need to enable it until your Intune migration is complete.

1. Login to https://portal.azure.com with your Admin credentials.

2. Browse to Azure Active Directory > Users and groups.


3. Select Group settings.


4. Toggle the Self-service group management enabled to Yes and click Save.


Your migration should now be unblocked for this issue. For more information about configurations that can block your Intune migration, see http://aka.ms/intunemigrationblockers.

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