Support Tip: Intune Support for iOS 10.3

The iOS 10.3 release started rolling out on March 27, 2017 to iOS users. All existing Intune MDM and MAM scenarios are compatible with the latest version of Apple’s OS. We anticipate all existing Intune features currently available for managing iOS devices will continue to work as your users upgrade their devices and apps to iOS 10.3.

There are currently no known issues to share. If you run into any issues with iOS 10.3, please feel free to reach out to the Intune support team through the local numbers listed here. We will continue to update this post (as needed) as we release additional information and hear from you.


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  1. Suchat Beenuh says:

    Hi Intune Support Team

    I have test MDM with iOS 10.3.2 it have issue some policy not applicable.


    1. Suchat Beenuh says:

      iOS 10.3.1

  2. Brett Craddock says:


    I have a client who have iPhones that have recently updated to IOS 10.3.1 and they are now not able to receive email through their exchange accounts on the phones. When they try to enrol the phone it reports that there is NoEnrollmentPolicy. there are some iPhones in the organisation that have not updated to this version of the IOS and are working ok.
    Are you able to help with this?


    1. The “NoEnrollmentPolicy” error is typically triggered when something isn’t quite set up correctly – could be a certificate has expired. There’s a doc here that helps with this type of error – Please feel free to contact support (there’s no charge for support) to see what could be causing this error if the doc doesn’t help.

  3. Have you observed any issue with new Comapny portal 2.8.0 version for iOS 10.3.3. We have recently enrolled 2 devices Iphone 7 and latest ipad. email did not work. Got error “Message rejected by server” while sending email. Not getting new emails as well.

    1. Hi, Rohan – talked with our PM and engineering team and they ask that you please open a support ticket to get some basic troubleshooting done as well as collecting logs if needed. We have not seen this behavior for iOS 10.3.3. Support is available at no cost and you can either open a ticket directly from in-console or use any of the mechanisms described here:

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