Support Tip: Encryption Issue with Some Android Devices such as Huawei Honor 8

The Intune team has received reports that some Android devices appear to be encrypted out of the box, even though the Company Portal app detects that the devices are not encrypted. Our investigation revealed that some Android device manufacturers are encrypting devices using methods outside of what is recommended by the Android Compatibility Definition document (section 9.9) published by Google. A specific device where we are consistently finding encryption errors in our testing is with the Huawei Honor 8. The Intune Company Portal app is correctly preventing these devices from accessing protected resources since the devices don’t meet Android and Intune guidelines.


To work around this, you will have to determine:

  1. If encryption is important to your device strategy.
  2. If encryption is important, then consider using Intune app protection policies as described here.


You can run a report within Intune to determine which devices are compliant. For more information about how to remediate devices that are in this state, visit

Comments (7)

  1. Nash Pherson says:

    The numbered list is a little confusing. Maybe something like this would work better:

    Organizations should determine how important encryption is to their mobile device strategy. If it is important and you must support Android devices that do not conform to Google and Intune guidelines, consider leveraging Intune app protection policies as a partial workaround.

  2. Markus Strickler says:

    We have a small number of Honor 8 + Huawei P10 in our organization, which were affected by this sub-standard encryption problem.
    > I learnt today from a colleague, that an update was issued by Huawei, which solved the issue. He is now able to enroll his Honor 8 in Intune, and it passes the compliance check.

    1. Thank you! We are doing some end-to-end testing and will update our documentation depending on if this is a fix or a workaround.

      1. Marek Warszawski says:

        Is this issue solved? I have Honor 8 (according to the phone – with latest system version) and still have a problem with Intune (does not see the encription)

    2. Florent says:


      I do have an HONOR 8 up to date, and the problem still occur : not able to pass the compliance.

      Best regards,
      Florent Benoit

  3. Faijan mavadiya says:

    I am using vivo V5 and facing problem of encryption
    So now what i jave to do
    I have to change brand or they can give some updates for resolve this.

    1. You can resolve this issue by following the guidance in the blog post and accessing the links included in there.

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