Meeting Apple’s New Requirements for Application Transport Security

Beginning in Spring 2017, Apple has announced that they will enforce specific requirements for Application Transport Security (ATS). ATS is used to enforce stricter security on all app communications over HTTPS.

This has an impact on Intune customers using the iOS Company Portal app.

To ensure you comply with these new requirements, make sure that all your network connections configured for use within the iOS Company Portal app meet Apple’s new requirements. Some places to check include ADFS configuration, proxy server configuration, and any custom links set in the Admin Console like the support website URL.

We plan to release a new version of the Company Portal app in April, ahead of the nonspecific Spring 2017 date provided by Apple. However, if Apple should change their timeline, we’ll adjust accordingly to give you as much time as we can.

Apple has documented these changes here: Safari and WebKit ending support for SHA-1 certificates. An additional resource for making this change is Apple’s documentation on NSAppTransportSecurityApple’s nscurl tool can be used for evaluating compliance with the new ATS requirements.

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