Support Tip: New Experience Coming – Microsoft Intune Company Portal for Windows 10

The following post is authored by Priya Ravichandran, Sr. PM working on the Intune Company Portal for Windows.

Intune will be releasing a new version of the Company Portal specifically for Windows 10 platforms. The new version will be a Universal application that supports all device platforms while maintaining all the functionality available in the current Window 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 Company Portal apps.

The new version brings the following improvements to the Company Portal Experience on Windows 10:
- Single Company Portal app across all editions of Windows, for all device families
- Enables organizations to configure Automatic MDM enrollment in Azure AD when signing in to the app
- Supports the Single Sign on capability on Windows 10
- Supports the use of certificates to sign into the app
- Updated user experience to match the look and feel of Windows 10

This new version will be available in the Windows Store as an upgrade to the current versions of the Company Portal app and, if auto-updates for store apps are enabled, the app will automatically be upgraded without any user interaction. Once the update is released, some customers will start seeing the new version immediately; we expect all customers will see the new version over the next few weeks.

The new version will also be made available for sideloading, which can be used to update versions of the Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 Company Portal apps sideloaded on Windows 10 devices

Here are screenshots illustrating the new user experience in the Microsoft Intune Company Portal for Windows 10:


Comments (4)

  1. Hi,

    It’s great that with all of the iPhone and Android development, that some time is being allocated to Windows 10 PCs.

    I have a Surface 3 Pro, running Windows 10 Pro, joined to our Azure AD domain. I went through the process of going to the website ( and adding my machine. I was expecting to download this new version, but instead, I found myself downloading the old client. I then had to go into the store, find the intune app, install it and then log in.

    So, what is the point of this app? Is it just a pretty UI, or does it provide the user, or admins more functionality?

    Do you expect all users to install the older client and the app, every time?

    I am confused.


    1. Priya Ravichandran says:

      Hi Adam,

      Thanks for your feedback on this.

      This app has not been released yet and is expected to be made available via the store soon. Once it has been released, any user who downloads the Intune Company Portal app from the Windows Store on a Windows 10 device will get this new app. Do note that this does not replace the Intune PC management client experience that is usually triggered by adding the machine from the website.

      For MDM managed devices in Intune, this app will provide better end user experience on Windows 10 devices as well as leverage the enhanced features that the platform has made available.


  2. What will happen to the existing Microsoft Intune Client Software (v7.12.x) that we currently get by going to Intune Admin Portal > Admin > Client Software Download? Will it be automatically phased out or will we have to manually replace it with this app?

    1. Priya Ravichandran says:

      HI Paul,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      This app is only used for devices that are MDM managed but is not part of the workflow for devices managed by the Intune Client management agent. The existing Microsoft Intune Client Software (v7.12.x) will continue to be supported for devices that are managed via the Intune Client.


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