Support Tip: Intune Support for iOS 10

Updated September 14, 2016

The anticipated iOS 10 release starts rolling out on September 13, 2016 to iOS users. As previously stated, all existing Intune MDM and MAM scenarios are compatible with the latest version of Apple’s OS. We anticipate all existing Intune features currently available for managing iOS devices will continue to work as your users upgrade their devices and apps to iOS 10. There are, however, a few known issues and tips we’d like to share:

  • As with other major iOS updates, check app compatibility with respective app owners to confirm your user’s app works with iOS 10. Usually you’ll see a note in what’s new for the app in the Apple store or in app details online. Some apps provided day 0 support; others update over time. Ensure your user’s managed apps deployed through Intune have been updated to the version that supports iOS 10.
  • Make certain that your users update to Intune's latest version of the Company Portal, Managed Browser, and MAM supported apps. We released an updated version of the Managed Browser to the Apple store earlier this week. The latest version is needed to work with iOS 10.
  • The Intune App SDK has been updated and released to app owners to make sure that Intune managed apps are compatible with the new Apple OS. App owners have been working hard to update apps to ensure compatibility with both Microsoft Intune and with iOS 10.
  • The Intune App Wrapping tool for iOS has been updated to support iOS 10. The new platform update requires that previously wrapped apps will need to be re-wrapped with the latest Intune App Wrapping tool version.
  • The ability to target apps to only iOS 10 devices from Intune will be available by the end of the month.

The new iOS 10 includes changes that may impact your existing deployed Intune scenarios. Depending on the type of Intune deployment within your environment, these changes may impact your users.

  • iOS 10 no longer supports the PPTP VPN protocol. If you have deployed any custom profiles in Intune that use the PPTP protocol, iOS 10 will remove the PPTP connections from any VPN profiles when a user upgrades their device. For more information about this, please see the support article here. Intune supports alternatives to PPTP from the IT Admin console.
  • With iOS 10, Apple added few additional restrictions that can be managed on devices and we are dedicated to continuously working with Apple to make continued improvements and enhancements to our iOS management features to cover these additions and more.

From a hybrid standpoint, if you have profiles or configuration items targeted to all iOS platforms, these will also be pushed to iOS 10. We've provided an update to allow profiles targeted to individual iOS platforms to also be targeted to iOS 10, which will be available in the Updates and Servicing node in the admin console. You can find more information at the KB article here. Note: you can force an update check using the steps shown here.

If you run into any additional issues, please feel free to reach out to the Intune support team through the local numbers listed here. We will continue to update this post as we release additional information and hear from you.

Comments (10)

  1. Viernes74 says:

    Many thanks for that explanation 🙂

    Regarding the hyprid scenario will Profile targeting provided by SCCM update or released by a cloud feature update in SCCM console?

    1. @Viernes74 the hybrid update has been published and the blog was updated with the KB article link and other helpful information. Thanks!

  2. Nima Gharib says:

    Thanks for the update
    These additional restrictions, anywhere we can see what these are instead of sifting through all restrictions possible?

    I’m assuming this is correct, and I can’t see anything specific iOS10 on here:

  3. Nick Pilon says:


    On our side, email profile are not deployed in hybrid mode (SCCM 1602) with iOS 10. There’s also no update in Updates and Servicing node in admin console.

    1. @Nick if you’re in ConfigMgr – the update is: Update Rollup 1 for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager current branch, version 1606.

  4. Jyoti Prakash says:

    After iOS devices are updated to latest 10.0.2 version, emails on native email app are showing as blank.
    users can see email’s summary and body but when they open the email to read it, its showing up blank.
    do we need to re-enroll all the users on Intune again?
    is there a doc available for the same?

    1. @Jyoti – that does not sound right. Please contact Intune support and we’ll open a ticket. Double checked with our Service Engineering team and this is not a known issue they’ve seen.

  5. Andrew Ratchford says:


    What IOS version can Intune support back to now?

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