Issue Resolved – Support Tip: Known Issue with iOS 9.3.2 Update and App Installs

Updated 5/26/16 – iOS 9.3.2 devices are now installing applications successfully.

We’ve identified an issue impacting some Intune managed iOS 9.3.2 devices. Customers have reported that users on certain updated iOS 9.3.2 devices managed by Intune cannot successfully install apps. Support and Intune engineering have been able to replicate the issue, but it doesn’t impact every updated iOS 9.3.2 device.

At this time, there is no workaround outside of advising end users to not download 9.3.2 if they would like to download new apps. Another EMM vendor has reported this issue - it appears to be a problem with the iOS update that is potentially impacting EMM providers. We will continue to work closely with Apple on a fix or workaround and will update this post as needed.


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