Support Tip: Windows 10 Wi-Fi or VPN profile pushed via Intune does not connect

Consider a scenario where a Wi-Fi or VPN profile is pushed either via Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager or Microsoft Intune to a Windows Phone 10 device. The profile is configured to use SCEP profile – Certificate for authentication, and you can see the profile on device however it fails to connect.

If you experience this problem, most likely there is more than one certificate that’s present on the device and it has the same Enhanced Key Usage or Application Policy as in the certificate pushed via the SCEP profile. Fortunately there’s a pretty simple solution to this, and you can get all the details in this new post from Microsoft’s own Karan Rustagi:


Can’t get Wi-Fi or VPN profile with certificate based authentication to work on Windows Phone 10?


J.C. Hornbeck, Solution Asset PM
Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Group

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