Tips on registering a Windows 10 computer in Microsoft Azure

HOWWe have some great information that I wanted to shared with you regarding how to register a Windows 10 computer/device in Microsoft Azure, but before I get to that I’d like to take a minute to talk about an issue you may run into when trying to do this.

If you have already attempted enrollment using the Company Portal, this may have resulted in non-compliance and/or an indication in the device listing that the computer is not registered in Azure (AAD Registered = Unknown). If the client was already enrolled using the Company Portal, which is a different experience, the device will need to be retired before you can register it using the procedure below. This needs to be done in the Intune admin console by selecting the device and using the "Retire/Wipe" option in the toolbar at the top, or by right-clicking the device and selecting the same option in the popup menu.

Once complete, this article should be used to run a new registration with Azure with a machine that was set up previously:

Azure AD Join on Windows 10 devices

The article above requires that you first license users, then activate the Azure feature for joining devices. If access to Azure does not exist yet, simply read this article and follow the instructions listed:

Getting started with Azure Active Directory Premium

Alternatively, you can simply go to and select Admin -> Azure AD to get to the Azure management page.

If you have not already attempted enrollment using the Company Portal and want to setup of a new device, that process is described here:

Azure Active Directory and Windows 10: Bringing the cloud to enterprise desktops!

J.C. Hornbeck | Solution Asset PM | Microsoft


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  1. Ben Stull says:

    “Azure Active Directory and Windows 10: Bringing the cloud to enterprise desktops!” link is broken

    1. Thanks, Ben, the link is updated and should work now.

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