Assigning a static RPC port to ADLDS or ADAM for replication

Just wanted to put this here as it’s not been easy to find this information anywhere: ADLDS registers a custom RPC port which is by default taken from the dynamic port range 49152-65535, this is NOT the same as the LDAP port specified for the instance. On ADAM the same thing applies but the dynamic…

God mode on Windows 8

It’ s summer, you’re bored enough to start reading random newsletters and then you pick up something useful. Create a folder on your Surface desktop with the name GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} Open The folder for a surprise…   …this incidentally also works on Windows 7.  


ADCS and dedicated CRL-signing certificates

 We’re seeing what appears to be random revocation checking failures on clients for certificates issued by our CA. The infrastructure is a 2-tier PKI with an OCSP defined on the issuing CA certificate and the CRL from the Root CA signed by a dedicated CRL-signing certificate (i.e. not the issuing cert).  We´ve observed that in cases…