How to bulk create 10000 users and groups for your test environment

For test lab scenarios where you quickly want to add a few thousand users you can run the following batch files in a DC:

:Creates 10000 disabled user accounts with password Password1
For /l %%t IN (1,1,10000) do net user BulkUser%%t Password1 /add /PASSWORDREQ:YES /ACTIVE:NO

:Bulk create 1000 groups
For /l %%t IN (1,1,1000) do net group Bulkgroup%%t /add /domain


Comments (3)

  1. Garry Trinder says:

    It sounds like you only copied the first line of the command – the second part is required also ("Password1 /add /PASSWORDREQ:YES /ACTIVE:NO")

  2. Error? says:

    I received the following error when running the first command:  

    "%%t was unexpected at this time."

  3. Bart Eeltink says:

    Instead of %%t, use %t

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