Intel ICH8USB drivers demystified

For the folks that are having difficulties with the Intel ICH8USB drivers there is a simple explanation and workaround.


The driver references a system DLL (usbui.dll), which is not present in Windows PE.  This causes the driver installation to fail, and since it’s considered a boot critical device (chipset), the task sequence may fail.


  1. Add usbui.dll to the content of the Intel chipset drivers
  2. Add usbui.dll to the boot images in the windows\system32 folder

Contributed by John Lang

Comments (1)

  1. Travis says:

    You say folks are having difficulties with that driver.  What difficulties exactly?  If it’s not obvious that the issue is with usbui.dll it would be nice to give a little more detail on how to identify that this is the issue.

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