Solutions for Migration and Management of Modern Device

As Windows XP comes to end of support in 2014, you have more critical reasons to connect with your Windows XP customer base and bring them on the latest platform. With the recent trends of employees using self-purchased devices at work or Enterprises planning to provide users with slates, it makes the migration an even… Read more

Hyper-v Server, Copying the content of Pass-Through disk to VHDX

Today’s blog comes from Ahmed Moseb on Copying the content of Pass-Through Disk to VHDX .   Here are the Steps involved :- Step 1: Create a New Virtual Hard Drive Wizard. Step 2: Choose the disk format as VHDX (or) This is also possible for VHD file Step 3: Select the Disk Type (Fixed,… Read more

Prestaged Media Changes and Step by Step tutorial of creating a Prestaged Media in System Center Configuration Manager 2012 SP1

  Hello! My name is Manjunath Balasundaram. I am going to talk about Prestaged Media changes in ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 and take you through the new wizard options. As we know, SP1 was released few months ago and one of the major changes made in SP1 release of Configuration Manager 2012 is around Prestaged Media…. Read more

SCCM 2012 Reporting: Get system serial number & create custom SSRS report

  Once again our expert Manoj Kumar sharing his valuable insight on SCCM 2012 Reporting. In Configuration manager 2012 we do not have an out of the box report which shows the system serial number. Below is a very simple report which includes: System Name, User Name, OS, Service Pack, Manufacturer, Serial Number, Model &… Read more

Transition from SBS2011 to Server 2012 the Essentials Route

  Hello Everyone! Today’s blog post brings a scenario where certain SBS users wants to migrate to Server 2012 but wants to retain their SBS like features, like RWW , exchange management from console etc. However it’s not possible to transition sbs2011 to server 2012 as the OS version is different. It’s possible to migrate… Read more