Martin Bell on SQL Nuggets

Martin Bell MVP and SQL Bits Organiser, wants to promote the idea of SQL Nuggets.  Basically these are 5-10 minute slots on something byte sized (ouch!) at community events where anyone can grab the mike and share their knowledge.  Martin has a good example in this article around activity monitor. So check the article both…


Speaking at SQL Bits

In this unusual Industry post I have got the industry insider on camera to discuss why you should get involved in the premier SQL community event, SQL Bits. Take it away Chris Testa O’Neill   SQL Bits goes fourth is on  28th march this time in Manchester. If you decide you would like to get…


Testing for Database Null Values from PowerShell

PowerShell is super, but its documentation is still lousy. You might think that how to test a database field for a null value would be straightforward, and indeed it is, but it ain’t documented anywhere. I’ve just spent the afternoon searching and eventually had to work it out for myself. So here it is, with…


Time for a Date?

As a DBA I wear many hats! If I had to choose a hat for my data architect role it would probably be a nice white panama, the sort you see in the Agatha Christie re-runs on ITV3, but I digress!. As a data architect you extol the virtues of “correctly data typing” in your…


An introduction to Powershell for SQL Server 2008

Although I understand what Powershell is I didn’t understand really get it until I worked with James on our last TechNet road shows.  I did know that there were special extensions and support for it in SQL Server 2008, so I suggested to our good friend Richard Siddaway that he might be best placed to right an…


PowerShell in SQL Server 2008

At the time of writing SQL Server 2008 is currently at the Community Technology Preview (CTP) stage. CTP 6 was delivered in February 2008 and includes a PowerShell provider. In this article I will explain what PowerShell is, why a PowerShell provider is useful and provide some examples of how you can use PowerShell with…


The Dilemma of Presenting SQL Server 2008

Martin Bell runs the Scottish Area meetings of the UK SQL Server User Group, discusses the problems of deciding what to present on SQL Server 2008 to a bunch of developers in this entertaining article.


What’s new in SQL Server 2008 – dilemmas!

The other week I was asked by Colin Mackay of Scottish Developers to do a 15 minute talk on “What’s new in SQL Server 2008” for the Community Launch of Visual Studio 2008 and Windows 2008 in Glasgow. So I set about putting some slides together in Power Point, the first one was obvious a…