Testing for Database Null Values from PowerShell

PowerShell is super, but its documentation is still lousy. You might think that how to test a database field for a null value would be straightforward, and indeed it is, but it ain’t documented anywhere. I’ve just spent the afternoon searching and eventually had to work it out for myself. So here it is, with…


An introduction to Powershell for SQL Server 2008

Although I understand what Powershell is I didn’t understand really get it until I worked with James on our last TechNet road shows.  I did know that there were special extensions and support for it in SQL Server 2008, so I suggested to our good friend Richard Siddaway that he might be best placed to right an…


PowerShell in SQL Server 2008

At the time of writing SQL Server 2008 is currently at the Community Technology Preview (CTP) stage. CTP 6 was delivered in February 2008 and includes a PowerShell provider. In this article I will explain what PowerShell is, why a PowerShell provider is useful and provide some examples of how you can use PowerShell with…


Windows Server 2008 Protection from Accidental Deletion

By Richard Siddaway, Microsoft Practice Leader, Centiq Ltd With each new version of the Windows Server Operating System there are new possibilities for automation to help make the administrator’s job easier.  Automation brings increased efficiencies but also brings the possibility of bigger mistakes.  Additionally no amount of automation can protect us against human error.  This…


Richard Siddaway

Richard Siddaway is Microsoft Practice Leader for Centiq Ltd, a Microsoft partner specialising in optimisation, measurement, management and migration involving Microsoft technologies.  With over 20 years experience in various aspects of IT Richard is currently concentrating on the Microsoft environment at an architectural level especially around Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server and Infrastructure Optimisation. Much…


The wonders of Software Restriction Policies and PowerShell Code Signing

Thanks to Adrian J. Beasley for providing yet another excellent article, this one’s titled Software Restriction Policies and PowerShell Code Signing – Adrian provides a wealth of practical advice how to make the most of one of the most powerful yet under used security features of Windows XP, Server 2000, Server 2003 and Windows Vista


Software Restriction Policies and PowerShell Code Signing

By Adrian J. Beasley   Health Warning  Software Restriction Policies (SRPs) are extremely powerful. They also make it possible for you to foul up big-time – there is no safety barrier. For all that, they are very useful.   “With great power comes great responsibility.”   The following rules should enable you to apply this…


Executing a Command Line Utility from PowerShell, and Waiting for it to Finish

(I am reissuing this article, to incorporate a suggestion from Jeffrey Snover, which makes the scriptlet even neater, and which suggestion is gratefully acknowledged. But more seriously, I also note a strange effect with the 64-bit version of PowerShell.) I occasionally need to execute a command line utility, which runs out of process, from within…


Powershell Installation

By Adrian Beasley  Document Changes The original version of this article was based on PowerShell RC1. Since then RC2 and the final v1.0 have been released. As a consequence, the article had become inaccurate in a few details, which would certainly irritate anyone using it as a guide to the released product. Accordingly this version…