Adrian J. Beasley

37 years in IT, I have worked as a contractor for the last 25. I have reinvented myself several times over my career, as my interests have changed. I first learned Microsoft technologies by studying for the MCSE, which I gained in 1997 (NT3.51!) and have upgraded with each subsequent OS version. My current interests…


Mark J. Lucas

Mark is a Sr. System Administrator at the California Institute of Technology.  He’s been with Caltech for years.  He started by building and administering a small Windows NT 4.0 Domain and has since progressed to being one of the three Enterprise Administrators for one of the AD Forests on campus (Yes, we have more than…


Blake Handler

Blake Handler “I’ve been supporting Microsoft products since they introduced MBASIC for S100 computers in the early 1980’s.  I later wrote silly games for our college professor, who sold them at “Rainbow Computing” – one of Los Angeles’ first computer stores. After writing more games for the Atari and Texas Instruments “computers”; my parents were…


Harlan Carvey

Harlan Carvey’s interest in computer and information security began while he was an officer in the U.S. military, during which time he earned his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. After leaving military service, he began working in the field of commercial and government information security consulting, performing vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. While employed at…


Brian Reid – Director & Consultant, C7 Solutions Ltd

Brian is a messaging and security specialist with over ten years experience in providing training and consulting on Microsoft technologies for a very wide range of customers, small businesses to large enterprises including the Microsoft support and consulting groups for whom he specialises in Exchange and ISA Server in-depth training. Brian has been running his…

Rodney Buike, Senior Network Administrator, Monarch Industries Ltd

Rodney Buike, Senior Network Administrator, Monarch Industries LtdRodney in an MVP for Windows Server – Directory Services and is the publisher of , a blog with how-to’s, tips, tricks and news useful to other system and network administrators working in Microsoft environments.Rodney works as the Senior Network Administrator for Monarch Industries Ltd , a…


Jamie Thomson – Conchango UK

Jamie is a SQL Server BI professional working for Conchango in the UK. He has been working with SQL Server Integration Services since summer 2004 and has written a number of related articles for and You can read about more of his SSIS experiences at


Matthew Johnston

Matthew JohnstonTechnical Consultant, MICROSOFT SOLUTIONS EMEAQUEST SOFTWARE UK LTD. Matt is a Technical Consultant for Quest Software. Whilst his primary focus is around the management of and migration to Exchange 2000/2003, he has been involved in all aspects of the Microsoft Enterprise. He spends most of his time speaking and consulting in the UK and…


Dennis Lundtoft Thomsen, Managing Consultant, Inceptio A/S

Dennis Lundtoft Thomsen is a Managing Consultant at Inceptio A/S. Dennis’ main focus centers around large-scale enterprise and hosted Windows, Exchange and Active Directory projects. He currently holds MCSE+I and MCSE certifications (And a Masters Degree in Management of Technology). Dennis has a history in Digital and later Compaq and today he works in Inceptio A/S…


Rhys Wilkins – Technical Consultant, ICM Computer Group

Rhys Wilkins works as a Technical Consultant for ICM Computer Group. Rhys will provide us with a full biography in the coming days – suffice it to say that Rhys has faced many security challenges and come up with innovative solutions to many of them.