Great Barr School Implements OCS in 8 months

I recently had the opportunity to interview Alex Pearce, Microsoft MVP and network manager of Great Barr School.  In the interview he goes on the to discuss the state of the school prior to his arrival and then fast forwards to the present day where teachers are using technologies like Windows Mobile and Communicator to…


A Look into data privacy in the cloud computing world

Leonard Chung, CEO of, discusses issues around web privacy and data protection laws his company deals with in the world of online storage.  Leonard and I dive deep into legal world of privacy statements what these types of documents actually mean for the industry.   Leonard Chung, President & CEO Leonard is an experienced…


Introduction to SCORM and SharePoint Learning Kit

SharePoint has been a phenominal success as a product for Microsoft.  It has successfully penetrated almost every industry as collaboration & portal platform.  SharePoint’s role in the enrichment of secondary education has been particularly strong.  Read this article titled, “Introduction to SCORM and SharePoint Learning Kit” from Alex Pearce, Network Manager of Hillcrest School in Birmingham.  Thank you…


Introduction to SCORM and SharePoint Learning Kit (SLK)

SharePoint Learning Kit also known as SLK is a delivery tool for SCORM compliant documents.  Certificated as a SCORM 2004 deliverly tool, SLK will turn a SCORM compatible file and deliver it to a user and track their progress. What is SCORM? SCORM which stands for ‘Sharable Content Object Reference Model’ is a standard for…


The Scoop on OCS and Live Meeting Features

Thanks to Chris Dalby of Yellow Park for this contributing piece breaking down the great new enhancements made to OCS and Live Meeting!  The article can be found here.


OCS LiveMeeting Breakdown

By Chris Dalby    The Unified Communications (UC) Launch on 16 October 2007 marks the start of a dramatic change in the way we can all do business.   It is clear that Microsoft have been listening to their customers with the release of Live Meeting 2007 which is a huge step in the right…