Introduction to SCORM and SharePoint Learning Kit (SLK)

SharePoint Learning Kit also known as SLK is a delivery tool for SCORM compliant documents.  Certificated as a SCORM 2004 deliverly tool, SLK will turn a SCORM compatible file and deliver it to a user and track their progress.

What is SCORM?

SCORM which stands for ‘Sharable Content Object Reference Model’ is a standard for web based learning.  Many companies create SCORM compliant files so they can be delivered by several SCORM delivery tools.

If you try and open a SCORM file, which is normally a zip file, you will see several files within it.  A SCORM delivery tool will take the zip file and deliver the content through a webpage allowing the user to interactive with the content such as questions, animation and images

SharePoint Learning Kit

SharePoint Learning Kit is Microsoft’s delivery tool for both Windows SharePoint Services v.3 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. 

When you have uploaded a SCORM file to a document library you will have a drop down box of properties for that document.  When SharePoint Learning Kit has been enabled for that site you will see E-Learning Actions, which will then allow you to either assign it to yourself or to a set of users. 

Some SCORM file will include questions that SharePoint Learning Kit can auto mark, giving the learner instant results to their assignment and giving feedback to the instructor on the learners progress.

When assigning a file to a learner you will get many options including the time the learner can start the assignment, when it has to be finished by and if the learner can see the answer when they have finished.

SharePoint Learning Kit Web Part

The web part for SharePoint Learning called My Assignments is where you can track the progress of assignments that you have either assigned to a set of learners or yourself. 

From an instructors point of view they can see the assignment that have assigned to the group and how many have submitted their work.  By selecting the group they can see each individuals mark and leave comments that will appear in the learning My Assignment.

When a learner loads the web part they can the assignment name, due date and the possible marks.  Having selected the assignment the SCORM file is opens as a webpage.  Having submitted the work the My Assignment web part will then let the pupil know the mark.

The Future of SharePoint Learning Kit

SharePoint Learning Kit is open source and can be downloaded from codeplex.  Regular upgrades are made to the SharePoint feature and future releases in beta can be downloaded.

The Microsoft Learning Gateway Refresh has web parts that work with SharePoint Learning Kit which will allow parents to see learner’s marks and advanced search for SCORM files.  You can also download a site template for a school.

Reporting modules is an element that lots of educational institutions want at the moment to track learners progress and compare results.  Lots of organisations are working on this at the moment.

SharePoint Learning Kit can also deliver any file type in your SharePoint environment like Word and PowerPoint but the learner must download the file to their desktop and upload it to a site.  Development work is in progress on allowing work to be opened from the My Assignments web part and saved back so learners can submit work in the same way as SCORM files.

Useful Links

SharePoint Learning Kit can be downloaded from codeplex –

The Microsoft Learning Gateway Refresh components can be downloaded from  -

Microsoft Education website -


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