Windows Server 2008 Protection from Accidental Deletion

By Richard Siddaway, Microsoft Practice Leader, Centiq Ltd With each new version of the Windows Server Operating System there are new possibilities for automation to help make the administrator’s job easier.  Automation brings increased efficiencies but also brings the possibility of bigger mistakes.  Additionally no amount of automation can protect us against human error.  This…


Richard Siddaway

Richard Siddaway is Microsoft Practice Leader for Centiq Ltd, a Microsoft partner specialising in optimisation, measurement, management and migration involving Microsoft technologies.  With over 20 years experience in various aspects of IT Richard is currently concentrating on the Microsoft environment at an architectural level especially around Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server and Infrastructure Optimisation. Much…


The Scoop on OCS and Live Meeting Features

Thanks to Chris Dalby of Yellow Park for this contributing piece breaking down the great new enhancements made to OCS and Live Meeting!  The article can be found here.


OCS LiveMeeting Breakdown

By Chris Dalby    The Unified Communications (UC) Launch on 16 October 2007 marks the start of a dramatic change in the way we can all do business.   It is clear that Microsoft have been listening to their customers with the release of Live Meeting 2007 which is a huge step in the right…


Be proactive: Information Security as a Business Enabler

Thanks to Paul Vincent for contributing his article Information Security; The Business Enabler. Paul goes on to explain how information security is much more than setting every security control you can lay your hands on.


Information Security; The Business Enabler

By Paul Vincent Don’t get me wrong, I’m a tecchie. There was a time (and it wasn’t that long ago!) when I could name and identify the function of pretty much every Group Policy Object setting in Windows XP. However, Information Security is more than setting every security related configuration to it’s highest setting. In…


ID: Who do you think you are?

Thanks to Craig Murphy for contributing his article titled Who Do You Think You Are? – it’s well worth a read. He talks about identity from the perspective of a variety of vendors and applications.


Who do you think you are?

By Craig Murphy Actually, that’s the wrong question, I really need to know who you are, who you really are, please confirm your identity.  How are you going to tell me who you are?  I’ve got an e-mail address, send me an e-mail and I’ll reply, then you’ll know who I am because I’ve got…


How to make sense of anti-virus reviews

Thanks to David Harley for sharing some of his vast experience of the anti-virus industry in his article titled An Insider’s Guide to Comparative Anti-virus Reviews. David explains in detail how independant labs evaluate software and includes links and guidance for further research.