Kim Berggren, Messaging Engineer

I have been working as a messaging engineer for a US-based international hospitality and travel company for the past nine years. I spend a good deal of my time in a test lab working out the details of the next messaging project.  I work with Exchange, anti-virus and anti-spam solutions, BlackBerry, Lotus Domino, and other messaging products in a large messaging environment.  We currently have over 120 Exchange servers world-wide and are in the process of migrating to Exchange 2003.


For the past 20 years I have worked in IT for various insurance and banking companies in the US. My first introduction to IT was teaching myself dBase II (does anyone remember that?) while developing a telemarketing application. I was hooked. Never looking back, I went on to working with the early LANs, client-server applications, and finally messaging and collaboration. What an interesting journey it has been.

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    In this article, Kim talks about the challenges he faced implementing Blackberry in his organisation.  I…

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