Andy Taylor, Principal Consultant, 1E,

Andy Taylor, Principal Consultant, 1E,


Having worked in IT for the past 15 years, from being a junior IT support technician in a General Hospital through to my present post as a lead consultant in Microsoft Management, one thing has always been my primary goal, make IT simple.  I started work on large complex mainframes, which gave me a good foundation in management as you had to make sure you managed them well.  I developed my general hospitals first PC based IT solution and from that point on I never went back to mainframes.  I started to tinker with SMS 1.2 and although a challenge to get working the satisfaction when you delivered your first application to the offices pc without visiting each one got me hooked (oh and remote controlling your friends pc in stealth mode and moving the mouse every few minutes also provided hours of fun J ).


Through the years I’ve worked on most of the large companies system management products, the CA’s the IBM’s and HP technologies, but I always seem to come back to my first love SMS, although I am developing a deep affair with MOM (that’s Microsoft Operations Manager for those people who think I’ve gone all strange).


A bit more about me: -

  • Worked with SMS since 1.2 and yes I nearly gave myself brain damage hitting my head against the wall trying to get early SMS 2 to work.

  • Beta partner for SMS 2003

  • Presented at both the Global launch of SMS 2003 at ITForum, Copenhagen (how much for a beer!) and the UK Launch.

Work for 1E the best System Management company in the world (boss can I have a pay rise now J )


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