Guest Post – Windows Phone Development – FAQs v1.0

In this Guest Blog, our Windows Phone Development MVP, Mayur Tendulkar covers the important FAQs around Windows Phone development. In our technical communities, many folks ask me questions on Windows Phone development. Most of these questions are same & repetitive. So, I thought of compiling ‘Top 10’ of them as ‘FAQs’ and here they are….


MVP Blog Posts – Enterprise & Business Solutions (5th – 11th January 2014)

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MVP Blog Posts – Developer (5th – 11th January 2014)

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Guest Post – Using SaveAppointmentTask in Windows Phone 8

In this post, our Windows Phone Development MVP, Vikram Pendse talks about a feature of calling a number from Calendar Appointment. Windows Phone device gives you a lot of features and functionalities which you can leverage in your daily life. Let it be Camera, Music, Socials, Games, Emails etc. “Calendar” is one of the must…