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Community Enthusiasts across India are hosting Community Day 2015 on September 19th and have dedicated this day to all of you, the young citizens of India. We believe countries future depends on you and education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future. On this day, we want to focus on some of the key…


Please join us for Community Day 2015

We all believe that community is for betterment of our society. Each one of us do contribute to the community some or the other way in a regular basis. But most of the time we tend to define it as per our comfort, which inhibits the broader impact of such contributions towards the societal good….


Community Day 2015

You are in this page because you believe in Community and betterment of our society. All of us contribute to our surrounding by some or other way but most of the time we miss to see the reality beyond our vicinity. Reason could be anything from our comfort to willingness or something else. But in…


Welcome Visual Studio 2015

On this July 20th, Microsoft announced the Global Availability of Visual Studio 2015, the newest build of its integrated development environment. The new Visual Studio platform got tremendous response from the developer community and especially those who are focusing on cross platforms. Microsoft in India celebrated the Visual Studio Launch at its Bangalore office for…


Looking back 2015 – Reboot Conference (Jan 31, 2015)

Reboot – The first of it’s kind and just the second season this year; have matured a lot. First year, we had hosted Reboot Conference in two major cities of India but this year it not only spread across all major cities within India but also in other countries in South Asia. The concept of…


Community – Not an alien term

Community is not just a word but an attitude. We, the human race are community focused from the very beginning. We all do a little bit of community work some or the other way. Someone believes in Environment so does planting…that’s community, someone has a soft corner for animals and pets so saves a street…