Community Day 2015: Wrap-up

Today, one of the biggest challenge in India is illiteracy and it leads to various other complications including steady growth of crime YoY basis. As far as stats, 29 percent of children drop out before completing five years of primary school, and 43 percent before finishing upper primary school. High school completion is only 42…


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Community Enthusiasts across India are hosting Community Day 2015 on September 19th and have dedicated this day to all of you, the young citizens of India. We believe countries future depends on you and education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future. On this day, we want to focus on some of the key…

Please join us for Community Day 2015

We all believe that community is for betterment of our society. Each one of us do contribute to the community some or the other way in a regular basis. But most of the time we tend to define it as per our comfort, which inhibits the broader impact of such contributions towards the societal good….


Community Day 2015

You are in this page because you believe in Community and betterment of our society. All of us contribute to our surrounding by some or other way but most of the time we miss to see the reality beyond our vicinity. Reason could be anything from our comfort to willingness or something else. But in…