Community Day 2015

You are in this page because you believe in Community and betterment of our society. All of us contribute to our surrounding by some or other way but most of the time we miss to see the reality beyond our vicinity. Reason could be anything from our comfort to willingness or something else.

But in this Community Day on 19th September 2015, we will do something different. We will go to schools which are economically challenged & having limited resources but still serving to comparatively much bigger population from financially weaker background.

Our goal is to have open interactions with the kids, telling them about importance of education, guiding them with possible learning resources, telling them how to excel in their future and providing them some tips & tricks for brighter future. And most importantly, motivating them to invest in Computer learning.

We are hoping that these interactions would help these kids take positive steps towards their future. Even though it may sound a single day activity but a great idea can trigger in a minute also. It just need the right environment and nurturing. And apparently our Community Leaders, MVPs and MSPs are experts in influencing and making bigger impact.

So, if you care about the country and believe in Community, we urge you to join hands with us on this Community Day. Let's together make a better India for all.

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