South Asia MVP Open Day (Jan 22-24, 2015 | Bangalore)


It’s always fun and great amount of learning behind hosting the Open Day events. We recently concluded South Asia MVP Open Day 2015 (Jan 22-24, 2015) in Bangalore. As many as 55 MVPs participated in the Open Day from all parts of India and Nepal.

As always, we had tremendous support and participation from all Microsoft BU’s in the Open Day. The event witnessed an interesting mix of fun activities, contests and power-packed sessions by the best and the brightest in their individual areas.



Kicking Off the Jamboree 

We are glad to have a unique kickoff of Open Day 2015. We had Regional Manager, Mayumi Suzuki ringing the bell and welcoming all the MVPs. She also shared her experience of visit to India.


Now, the question is what we did in the two days of Open Day event. Well we had many technical sessions from Azure to Websites to Windows 10 to UX Design Best practices to O365 to Open Source Strategies and many more:


We also had many MVP-to-MVP Sessions in this years Open Day and we actually put them in Official scheduling to showcase how we value them:

clip_image005 clip_image006 clip_image007

But we did lot more in the Open Day apart from these boring sessions 😉


None of these would have been achieved without our few gem speakers and super cool goodies


Thanks to all the speakers and volunteers to for making this event successful.

Thanks to Regional Manager, Mayumi Suzuki and BG Lead Allen Li for participating in this event.

Some of the comments from our MVPs:

“Mayumi's keynote speech was very good and Dr. Nitin's session was awesome. I personally enjoyed his session a lot.”

“The star or Day 2 is "Pramila". The session was awesome and I have learned a lot from her. She is amazing. She showed us what the meaning of “Motivation and Inspiration” is. She is a living motivation.”

“The best in the lot was Doc's session, nothing can be compared with his session. As usual Pramila, Tulika, Puneet were also good and enjoyed a lot.”

“My biggest takeaways: 1. Met lots of experts 2. Met lots of MS employees 3. Attended excellent sessions. 4. A great session by Pramila (which would be my best takeaway though) 5. Excellent goodies from MS that would be memorable forever 6. Great moments .......”

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