Networking Without Limits: SDN

After nearly 40 years of creating enterprise software, there are few companies who have come to appreciate the importance of infrastructure in the quite the way we have at Microsoft. We recognize that to host great software and great apps, you need an equally great infrastructure for your datacenter. At Microsoft, we create and deliver… Read more

Oracle OpenWorld 2013: Oracle’s Mission-critical Software and Microsoft’s Enterprise-grade Cloud

For years Microsoft and Oracle have helped customers address enterprise technology needs, and during those years I’ve had the opportunity to personally partner with, compete with, and admire Oracle as an industry leader. Certainly when you think of enterprise scalability and reliability Oracle comes to mind, and I believe the Microsoft clouds also deliver the… Read more

Weekend Reading: Show Up on Monday as (potentially) an Expert in Automation

I have a quality weekend reading recommendation for all the IT pros looking for the latest and greatest information on Automation. One my favorite blogs is Building Clouds, and the automation SME’s who contribute to that site just wrapped up “Automation Month.” Check out this post to see links to all the topics they’ve explored… Read more