Success with Hybrid Cloud: The Components of a Hybrid Cloud

For a lot of IT pros, the last two posts (here and here) have been a nice overview of the Hybrid Cloud model, but they’ve been waiting to get technical. Starting with this post, I’ll begin a deep look at the specific technology that supports and maximizes Hybrid Clouds, as well as the tools available… Read more

Networking Without Limits: SDN

After nearly 40 years of creating enterprise software, there are few companies who have come to appreciate the importance of infrastructure in the quite the way we have at Microsoft. We recognize that to host great software and great apps, you need an equally great infrastructure for your datacenter. At Microsoft, we create and deliver… Read more

What’s New in 2012 R2: Enabling Modern Apps with the Windows Azure Pack

Part 8 of a 9-part series. Don’t let the title fool you – this post is critically important for Developers and IT pros. The reason I call out this warning up front is that often, when I’m speaking at conferences around the world, as soon as I start to discuss the developer perspective and developer… Read more

Introducing the “In the Cloud” Podcast

I get to talk about the Cloud with customers and colleagues every day – and these discussions always leave me even more excited about this industry and the work we’re collectively doing.  To share some of that enthusiasm with all of you, I’m beginning a weekly podcast series, the “In the Cloud Podcast.” I’ll use… Read more

Transforming the Datacenter and Hybrid IT

No two enterprise IT departments are the same – but one thing they all have in common is this: They want the components of their IT infrastructure (hardware, software, cloud, apps, etc.) to JUST WORK. One of the things I really love about my job is the opportunities I have to meet with so many… Read more

A Real Cloud OS for the Enterprise Cloud Era

Over the last few years I’ve had, in one meeting or another, countless discussions with my teams and colleagues about the size, shape, and impact of the Cloud.  If you’ve been to a Microsoft event like TechEd or MMS, you’ve heard us talk about the Cloud OS and the promises we feel the Cloud OS… Read more

Getting ‘In the Cloud’ with Microsoft

Microsoft is fortunate to count among its customers some of the most innovative and productive companies in the world, and one thing that each of these organizations have in common is a drive to make their IT budgets, dollar-for-dollar, flawlessly efficient. This is a time of great change in the industry.  Customers are faced with… Read more