Success with Hybrid Cloud: Best Practices for Deploying a Hybrid Cloud

Over the last two “Best Practices” posts, I’ve looked at how to Plan and Build a Hybrid Cloud, and with these technical exercises complete, this post will focus on the best practices for deploying this carefully planned and built Hybrid Environment. In this post, I’ll examine some critical items for deployment, like Service Provider Foundation… Read more

Update: Expanded (and free) Resources for VMware Experts!

Back in October, I announced some new resources from Microsoft to help VMware Experts “Future-Proof” their career.  The resources included the new Microsoft Virtualization Certification, free live training to prep for the cert, and a voucher to take the new cert exam for free. It would be a big understatement to say that the interest… Read more

Success with Hybrid Cloud: Best Practices for Building a Hybrid Cloud

In the last post we discussed in great detail the process of carefully planning your Hybrid Cloud. The planning process is vital, and in this post we’ll see the time spent planning really start to pay off. In this post I’ll discuss the 4 Steps that I believe are crucial when Building any Hybrid environment…. Read more

Success with Hybrid Cloud: Best Practices for Planning Your Hybrid Cloud

This might seem like an overly obvious statement, but it is worth emphasizing: The early planning stages of your Hybrid Cloud strategy are some of the most important discussions that IT leaders and implementers can have. The majority of the CIOs I’ve spoken to over the last year tell me that they are considering a… Read more

Success with Hybrid Cloud: Best Practices for your Hybrid Cloud

In this Hybrid Cloud series a big priority for me is discussing in depth the nature of a Hybrid Cloud, as well as the benefits of using one in a variety of scenarios and industries. But, before we get much deeper into this series and start talking about results, I’m going to spend the next… Read more