Lync Online: What’s Possible?

When talking about Office365, and how you can manage the Exchange Online piece of it using Exchange Management, Exchange Control Panel, and Exchange Management Console, people are often disappointed when finding out there is no Lync Control Panel, or Lync Management Shell to manage the Lync Online bit.

Looking at Lync Online, you can only manage it today using the Admin home page of your Office 365 portal:


You can manage organization wide the following settings:

  • Enable/Disable Federation
  • Enable/Disable Public IM Connectivity

Per user you can manage:

  • Enable/Disable Federation
  • Enable/Disable Public IM Connectivity
  • Enable file transfer
  • Enable audio and video


The following question often pops up: what are the configuration settings a user gets when signing into Lync Online?

Is there a way you can get your hands on the information provided via the process called in-band provisioning?

A nice definition/overview on how Lync takes advantage of this in-band provisioning is given for example in this blog article:, from where the following copy-paste:

In-band provisioning is not a new feature; in-band provisioning already exists in several versions of Microsoft Office Communications Server. With Microsoft Lync Server 2010 (formerly known as Microsoft Communications Server “14”), however, in-band provisioning becomes an especially powerful mechanism for managing the behavior of client applications such as Microsoft Lync.

One way of seeing the information provided to a user signing into Lync Online, is by enabling logging in the Lync Online before signing in. In Microsoft Lync client, click Options, and select Tools:


In General, select Turn on logging in Lync:


Then sign into Lync.

You will see that there is a log file created, by default in the c:\Users\<UserName>\tracing folder:


The tool to read this file, is the Snooper tool, which you can access once you have installed the Lync Resource Kit Tools, available for download here:

After installing it, double-click Snooper.exe


And open the just created log file, by clicking File, Open File, and browse to the location of the log file:


Click on messages, and scroll to the message or search for the word property name



And there you will find all the info:


Omitted most of the info, to just get the property names:

<property name="ShowRecentContacts" >true</property>

<property name="ShowManagePrivacyRelationships" >false</property>

<property name="MaxPhotoSizeKB" >30</property>

<property name="DisableMusicOnHold" >true</property>

<property name="PhotoUsage" >AllPhotos</property>

<property name="AbsUsage" >WebSearchOnly</property>

<property name="EnableEnterpriseCustomizedHelp" >true</property>

<property name="CustomizedHelpUrl" >;p1=4&amp;p2=1041</property>

<property name="HotdeskingTimeout" >300</property>

<property name="EnableContactSync" >true</property>

<property name="ShowSharepointPhotoEditLink" >false</property>

<property name="EnableVOIPCallDefault" >false</property>

<property name="MaximumDGsAllowedInContactList" >10</property>

<property name="P2PAppSharingEncryption" >0</property>

<property name="EnhancedEmergencyServicesEnabled" >false</property>

<property name="LocationPolicyTagID" >user-tagid</property>

<property name="bypassEnabled" >true</property>

<property name="internalBypassMode" >Any</property>

<property name="externalBypassMode" >Off</property>

<property name="bypassId" >2e3ff79e-fb4b-4f6e-9668-eaa6ed79d3d1</property>

<property name="AllowIPAudio" >true</property>

<property name="AllowIPVideo" >true</property>

<property name="EnableAppDesktopSharing" >true</property>

<property name="AllowAppSharingForExternalMeeting" >Desktop</property>

<property name="RetainPPTForExternalMeeting" >true</property>

<property name="AllowPresenterToRecord" >false</property>

<property name="EnableDataCollaboration" >true</property>

<property name="MeetingSize" >250</property>

<property name="EnablePSTNConferencing" >false</property>

<property name="TrustedConferencingPinRequired" >false</property>

<property name="AllowParticipantControl" >true</property>

<property name="AllowAnnotations" >true</property>

<property name="AllowAnonymousParticipants" >true</property>

<property name="AllowExternalUserControl" >true</property>

<property name="AllowExternalUsersToSaveContent" >true</property>

<property name="AllowExternalUserRecording" >false</property>

<property name="AllowPolls" >true</property>

<property name="AllowRecording" >false</property>

<property name="EnableP2PRecording" >false</property>

<property name="AllowFileTransfer" >true</property>

<property name="MaxConferenceVideoResolution" >VGA</property>

<property name="AllowUserToScheduleMeetingsWithAppSharing" >true</property>

<property name="EnableP2PFileTransfer" >true</property>

<property name="AllowedAppDesktopSharingLevel" >Desktop</property>

<property name="AudioBitRate" >200</property>

<property name="VideoBitRate" >50000</property>

<property name="AppSharingBitRate" >50000</property>

<property name="FileTransferBitRate" >50000</property>

<property name="EnableP2PVideo" >true</property>

<property name="EnablePrivacyMode" >false</property>

<property name="AutoInitiateContacts" >true</property>

<property name="PublishLocationDataDefault" >true</property>

<property name="DisplayPublishedPhotoDefault" >true</property>

<property name="PersonalNoteHistoryDepth" >3</property>

<property name="SubscribeToCollapsedDG" >true</property>




























<property name="name" >Standard User</property>

<property name="AllowSimultaneousRinging" >false</property>

<property name="AllowCallForwarding" >false</property>

<property name="EnableDelegation" >false</property>

<property name="EnableTeamCall" >false</property>

<property name="EnableCallPark" >false</property>

<property name="EnableCallTransfer" >false</property>

<property name="EnableMaliciousCallTrace" >false</property>

<property name="enableBWPolicyOverride" >false</property>

<property name="UcEnabled" >false</property>


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  1. Martin says:

    Nice  😉

  2. Do note that some of the parameters (such as ucPortRangeEnabled for example) obtained here are service specific parameters (at this time reserved for the service), undocumented and unsupported from a tenant facing point of view. What that means is that the parameters cannot be counted upon by a tenant to be set at any specific value or not to change in the course of the operations. Use at your own risk.

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