sending & receiving sms messages using outlook 2010 or outlook web app, and windows mobile

A while ago I got a question from someone regarding one of the new features in Exchange 2010, being text messaging. Question was “is it available”…

Looking at the TechNet article he referred to, it does state:

Source =

The following is a list of new text messaging features included in Exchange 2010:

  • Missed call and voice mail notifications
  • Calendar and agenda updates
  • Text messages sent and received through Outlook Web App and Outlook 2010
  • Text message synchronization with a mobile phone

So let’s see.


You need to have a Windows Mobile device:

And once you have chosen to sync your text messages, you will see all messages sent and received appear in your inbox, like below:


You will also receive an email, notifying you that you are able to send SMS/text messages using OWA/Outlook from now on:


What can you do?

  • Send an reply to text messages just as you would e-mail messages


  • When entering more than 160 characters, an additional SMS text message will be created
  • Messages can be sent to a phone number or to a contact which phone number is filled in
  • Messages on the mobile device are synced and backed up on the server
  • Messages on the device only show up in the text messaging area (not in Outlook Mobile)

How does it work?

When a text (sms) message is created using Outlook/OWA, it will be sent to Exchange.  Exchange will use EAS to send/sync the message to the users cell phone. The user’s cell phone will then send that message out over SMS.

When a user receives a text message, the sent message will be synced to the user’s mailbox using EAS.


Some Q & A

Q. What if I have more than one SMS Sync enabled phones connected to an account?

A. The most recently connected one will  be the one used to send the message


Q. Can I disable this feature as an administrator?

A. Yes, you can, using the Exchange Management Shell for example




Happy SMS/Text Messaging 🙂



Comments (15)

  1. BobR2 says:

    When you reply to a received SMS in Outlook 2010, the reply doesn’t show in the SMS conversation on the device. The recipient does get the reply, but you just can’t see it in the SMS conversation. Anyone know of a fix for this? (Samsung Galaxy Note II with Android 4.3)

  2. Tania says:

    Sending text messages via outlook is different and new method to me and its quite interesting. The explanation is good and effective. I tried to send some text messages its all done. Thanks for sharing this.…/send-sms-directly-from-microsoft.html

  3. Vivien Dracon says:

    Clamr! 2010 allows you to text, call and check voicemail messages with Google Voice in Outlook 2010. Way easier and no real setup except a couple of double-clicks.

    Just FYI 🙂

  4. Scott C says:

    How do you disable it on the device? Cannot find instruction to do so?

  5. Brandon R says:

    To disable on [andriod] device, uncheck Sync SMS in the email accounts' sync settings

  6. SDarst says:

    I used to be able to read texts in Outlook, but with 2010, I no longer see my text messages. When completing the options for Mobile, I reveive the following message…AT least on mobile number is unrecognizable, check the mobile numbers and try again. I am only entering one phone number and it is correct.



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  10. syed ikram says:

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  12. Saif says:

    I am using Outlook to send text messages, but when messages come in, it only lists the phone number, not the name of the sender. All of the contacts are in my contacts, with their mobile phone numbers, and when I go to send a text I can just type in their
    name, and Outlook recognizes them. How do I get Outlook to display the name of the sender?

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