Autoscaling using custom image

With recent announcements like Managed Disks and Images, I thought it would be cool to put a script together. It will provision a VM Scaleset using a custom image that is captured from an existing server with existing applications and add autoscaling to it! The general steps are to take a copy of the existing virtual machine….


Renaming a vhd or blob file

Here is another useful script I use when the portal or Storage Explorer doesn’t have the ability to rename files. Remember to replace all the highlighted in red and italics with the correct names. Warning: This creates a copy with the new name and deletes the original blob. #obtain the storage account context $Context =…


Registering and launching a VM from a vhd file

Once a vhd file is uploaded or migrated to the target blob container, you may be wondering how to register and launch the VM. Here is the powershell script which I use. This method doesn’t require sysprep. Disclaimer: Note that there are no warranties and these and other scripts are shared for personal use only….


Moving, copying and uploading VHDs between Azure Subscriptions

Good day, One of the easiest tools I found to move, migrate or upload VHDs between different or up to storage accounts is Storage Explorer found at the bottom of the page at Its a simple copy and paste from source to destination blob vhds containers. With this tool, you can right click to Get…