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Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Microsoft® VDI Yeah.. its been three weeks i have posted anything on my blog, just trying to organize some stuff which keeping me really busy these days.. Anyways.. i don’t think i talk enough on this blog about Microsoft VDI aka Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a delivery solution where administrators can… Read more

Microsoft Virtualization: MED-V

Microsoft provides Virtualization Solutions from Desktop to Datacenter, Virtualization doesn’t only means Server Consolidation or Server Virtualization, Today, I am going to discuss about Microsoft Virtualization Solution in Desktop Space. MED–V or Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization. So Ifti, what is MED-V and why it is required?? When you want to upgrade to a new OS,… Read more

My first post from Windows 7 Operating System

    Due to overwhelming response of Windows enthusiasts around the globe for downloading Windows 7 Beta from Microsoft site, there were some glitches in downloading experience in last few hours but has been taken care by Windows Team here in Microsoft. One more good news that initial limit of 2.5 million downloads is removed,… Read more